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A "Designer Maltese" is nothing more than a mixed breed dog.  The word "designer", also tricks people into thinking that they are getting a dog that is "rare" or "special, so they are willing to pay more money for them.  The truth is this is only a "mutt".  If you are looking for this type of dog, please check out the animal shelters in your area, and give a precious pet a much needed home.  This is just one more example of an unethical breeder.

"Designer Maltese"

Most have been started by puppy mills and commercial breeders.  ACA, APRI, APR, ARU, CKC, CRCS, DRA, IABCA, IDCR, NAPDR, NKC, UCI, USDA, and WKC are just a few of these registries. Dogs from these registries do not have a breed standard, their only interest, is to breed for profit.

Many breeders will loosely use the term "from Champion Lines", because it fools people into thinking they have AKC champions, or that their dogs came from champions. The truth is how many generations back do they have to go to prove this.  Keep in mind in four generations you have 30 dogs listed, and only the first few generations really mean anything.  Also, some commercial pet registries now claim to have champions too.

Good questions to ask are:  1). Do you have AKC registered dogs?  2). Do you show your dogs, or have you ever shown, at AKC dog show events?  3). Do you own any AKC champions?  4). What can they tell you about their lines?   If they have never shown a Maltese how do they know what to look for in a quality stud dog or dam?

Just because someone says they show their dog, doesn't make the dog a champion or show quality either, anyone can show a dog as long as it has AKC papers.  To become an AKC champion takes a lot of hard work and the dog has to win over many other dogs, if they don't have a quality dog it will never become a champion. 

Most AKC show breeders will not sell their dogs with full registration papers, because they want to protect their lines.  Show breeders will spend thousands of dollars to purchase their dogs and then spend thousands more to finish them to their champion status.

It is never a good idea to buy a dog from a breeder who breeds dogs solely for the purpose of making money.  They usually do not know where their lines come from, and can tell you no history of the dogs in the pedigree, other than maybe the names of the show kennels in them, (if there are any).  When un-reputable breeders sell their puppies like this, they have no idea what problems could arise in their off spring.  Not only could they be breeding health problems, but also the puppy's temperament, if the parents are biters it's a good chance their puppies will be too.  Therefore, beware of any breeder who will not let you see the puppy's parents, you should be able to play and interact with them.  If at all possible it is also a good idea to go the breeders home to see where these dogs live, if a breeder will not let you come don't waste your time, they are hiding something. Many of these poor dogs live in sheds or barns and live in cages 24 hours a day.  Only a Few States Have a Puppy Lemon Law (MN is one of them)
 Another good way to check if your breeder is reputable is to ask if they have a contract?  What's listed on it?  Are they aware of any lemon laws in their state?  If a breeder tells you it doesn't pertain to them, run don't walk, you'll have nothing but problems with them.

A "Teacup Maltese" & "Micro-Mini Maltese" are terms used by unethical breeders, as a ploy to charge you more money for their puppies.  They want to trick you into believing that they have something "special".  The Maltese is a "Toy Dog" if bred to the AKC standard they will be small.  The AKC breed standard for the Maltese states; "Weight under seven pounds, with four to six preferred".

"Teacup Maltese"

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There is NO such thing as any of these dogs!